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Stop worrying about dieting. Just eat whole foods that come out of the earth and not the foods that fertilize it. Ken Carlile, Blogger at


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*Photo from Women's Health Magazine

People obsess about dieting.  Which one should I try?  How quickly will I lose the weight?  How easy will it be to follow?  Can I cheat?  Do I have to exercise?  How much will it cost?

Or the excuses to not diet: 

I’m starting my diet on Monday.  (Or Tomorrow….sung to the Annie tune Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll diet tomorrow!)

I’m just going to cheat tonight because it’s a special occasion (insert wedding, birthday, St. Patricks Day, Just bought new shoes day).

I’m too busy.  I’m too tired.  I’m too lazy.

It’s too expensive.

I’m depressed.

I like food too much.

I don’t have time. 

It’s too hard.

If you’ve followed my blog you know that I don’t promote dieting at all.  What I do promote is a change in your diet or a new nutrition plan if you will.   A switch in the “I live to eat” way of thinking to the “I eat to live” approach to nutrition and diet.  Switching your thinking from food as fun, to food to promote health.

As a society we don’t take action on most things until there’s a crisis.  Earthquakes, wars, drunk driving laws, seat belts and airbags, cancer, heart attack, diabetes (stop me or I could go on and on).

People don’t take control of their health to prevent crisis, they wait until something happens that scares them into taking control and often times it’s too late.  I even know people that have had quadruple bypass surgeries that think they now have a new heart and can start eating whatever they want because the damage will be so far down the road they'll never be around to experience it.  Sure, flawed thinking but the drug and allure of food can be so powerful that even nonsensical logic seems logical. 

A large shift in the way we look at nutrition is necessary to make big changes in our way of thinking about food and health.  I have a funny video on my blog that shows the different diets that people follow and their creators.  People don’t stop and research the people that create fad diets or the diets themselves.  Are they healthy?   Do they follow their own advice?  How did the diet come about?  Are they doing this to make money or help people?  All legitimate questions but all too frequently overlooked!

If you follow the Whole Foods Plant Based (no added oil) way of eating you will more than likely (1) lose weight, (2) lower your cholesterol (3) regulate your blood pressure (4) have more energy (5) stabilize your blood sugar (6) possibly get off all of the drugs you were on for things listed above (7) prevent and reverse heart disease (8) save money on food (9) save money on doctor bills (10) stop or prevent cancers and on and on…..

It’s so easy to go to the doctor and get drugs for just about anything.  Statins for cholesterol, drugs for acid reflux, treating blood pressure with diuretics or other medications, controlling your type 2 diabetes with insulin, pain relievers for migraines and arthritis etc., but these are Band-Aids not fixes.  Give eating healthy plants, beans, grains and fruits a try for 30 days and see how you feel.  It took you years to get to the health and weight that you’re currently experiencing, so what’s a month of learning something that will probably save your life worth to you?

There are lots of recipes here along with links to other blogs and reading material that will point you in the right direction.  Do your own research and stop complaining about dieting!

Dr. McDougall in The McDougall Newsletter states when talking about high protein, low-carbohydrate diets: "The truth is that the rich Western diet makes people fat and sick. Steering people away from the few healthy components of our diet (grains and other starchy vegetables) and toward the unhealthy foods (meat, dairy, fish, and eggs) makes matters worse. People are desperate for a solution to their weight and health problems, and many of them are easily deceived. Especially when told that prime rib and cheddar cheese are good for them—people love to hear good news about their bad habits. Just as important for the rising popularity of low-carbohydrate diets, books like Wheat Belly and Grain Brain enhance the profits of the meat, dairy, egg, and fish industries".

I have to agree but I'm just saying....



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