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Of all the gadgets I own this is by far my favorite.  It's a little bit pricey but well worth it.  I make my hummus, sourcream, cream cheeze and aioli mayo and it does a wonderful job.  They do sell refurbished machines on their site and they come with the same warranty as the brand new ones but for a much better price.


Why roast anything?  Roasting adds a layer of flavor and intensity to vegetables.  By slow roasting in the oven (or on an outdoor grill) you will get a caramelization and sweetness that you can't get by quick sauteing in oil on the stove.  To accomplish this without the burden of cleaning the baking sheet when I'm done, I use a silpat sheet.  Silpat is a product that is made of silicone and can withstand the heat up to 450° (sometimes up to 800°, but read the label when you buy it).  You can bake with it, roast with it, buy it shaped like a muffin tin or bread pan.  It's a wonderful product, and not all are called Silpat...that was the original manufacturer that invented it.  Just search the internet or go to your favorite kitchen supply store. 


This item is awesome.  And at only $69 at Costco, you can have oil free fries, onion rings or anything else you can think of that normally requires OIL.  You can bake, steam and use it as a dehydrator.  You can roast vegetables and if you get some of the available attachments, saute them as well.  It's halogen heat, infrared to cook from the inside out, and convection cooking and is up to 3 times faster than a regular oven.  Make potato chips, tortilla chips, dehydrated fruits and herbs.  This does take up space, but you can get rid of your toaster oven if you use that.


Chop veggies in seconds.  Didn't believe this would be as good as it is.  If you buy 2 for $35 includes shipping it will be the best gift you ever give to anyone, or split it with someone.

Chip Maker by Mastrad

Corn Chips, Sweet Potato or Yam Chips, Potato Chips, who doesn't love them.

This item is something we came across in Bed Bath and Beyond.  Wasn't looking for it, but since it was at the end of an aisle AND it said "As Seen on TV", had to check it out.  It's a device by Mastrad and in 3 to 4 minutes in your microwave, you will have the best tasting chips you've ever eaten.  It's $20 and worth every penny.  I LOVE potato chips, so to have an oil free way of making them is awesome.  As if that's not enough, it comes with a miniature mandoline so that you can slice your potatoes to the perfect thickness.  I slice the potatoes and then soak them in white vinegar (or any other kind...experiment).  Right before I put them in the micro, sprinkle a little sea salt on them and you'll have fat free salt and vinegar chips.

The downside to this is that since they don't have any preservatives they will get soggy fairly quickly so you have to eat them kind of quickly.  The upside is you have to eat them kind of quickly.  You can also go directly to their website and order more levels of the device so you can make more chips at once.


These come in many shapes and sizes and many price ranges.  The one I will feature her was purchased at Target for $39.99.  This is a must have for your new nutrition plan.  Brown rice is a staple, and with this you set the timer and go to work.  When you get home, the smell of rice will hit you at the door.  

Things to look for in a rice cooker.  (1) Must have a timer.  (2)  Must make at least six cups of rice.  May sound like a lot, but you'll be happy you have one that big.  (3) Must have a warming cycle so that the rice will just stay warm while it sits on the counter. (4) and these are things I like about it but not as important as 1-3.  A steamer tray is a nice addition. You can throw some veggies in there at the end of the cook time of the rice and you'll be one pot less on the stove.  Some of the Cookers have a porridge feature, but you can just use the brown rice feature to cook Steel Cut Oatmeal or other grain cereals.  My brother loves to set it before bed so that when everyone wakes up, breakfast is ready.  Add some fresh berries, bananas and organic honey and you're ready to start the day.  

Also, a quick thing to always have on hand for a fast snack are prepared beans such as black bean and brown rice.  Eaten together they make a complete protein...throw in some canned corn, a little cumin and you're golden.

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