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One of the hardest things to do is go out to eat.  In this section I am going to give some of my suggestions on places to go and what to eat.  I know I can always find something, but there are other things to eat besides salad

.THE WHICH WICH (locations here)

Here's another place to go when looking for something quick and plant strong. If you don't have one near you, I'm sure you will soon.  Someone pointed out that the buns have honey, so if you don't eat honey, this isn't for you.

This is how I order it!

This is a whole wheat bun with a black bean patty, all the veggies and avocado.  Add mustard and vinegar.  If you don't want the bread, ask them for the sandwich as a bowl.

This is the #27, avocado and cucumber.  I ordered it on whole wheat with dijon mustard and add all the veggies.  They have several vegetarian choices but they aren't oil free.  If they used my Hummus I might order the Hummus sandwich.  Still, it's a change up from the Subway and it's only a bit over $6.00.  Some have commented that their bread isn't whole wheat and has additives.  Though I try to maintain the 100% all the time, sometimes it's difficult.  However, having said that, you can also bring bread with you and they'll put it on for you, have them put all of the fixings on the paper without the bread as if they had it and take it home to put on your own bread, or, have them put it all in a bowl and eat it as a sandwich.

SHARKEY'S GRILL (locations here)

Tofu Burrito with steamed veggies instead of grilled on a whole wheat tortilla no cheese or sour cream, hold the tortilla chips.  They have a huge salsa station, so go to town with that.  Also, the Tofu bowl, same thing of steamed instead of grilled.  You can also ask for a crispy whole wheat tortilla and an 8 oz serving of guacamole.  The tortilla works great as chips.

Naked chicken fajita bowl, hold the chicken or replace it with tofu, hold the sour cream, comes with
brown rice, roasted corn, lots of other veggies and guacamole.

Almost anything you order here can be made without meat protein or dairy.  Just add tofu and
lots of salsa.  Ask for Whole wheat or corn tortillas and the combinations are endless.

RUBIOS FISH TACOS (locations here):

whole wheat tortilla
Black beans
Salsa (try several kinds at the same time, as long as they don't have oil)
Shredded cabbage

NATIVE FOODS CAFE (locations here)

Classic Ruben Sandwich

Gyro Salad

PICK UP STIX (locations)

Veggie Bowl

My brother Bob commented that you can now order the veggie bowl here on brown rice, request light sauce and no oil.  So on Friday we did and this is a picture of our lunch.  Pretty tasty and very filling.

Order the Veggie Delight on whole wheat bread, all the veggies in the tray (I get the jalapenos and banana peppers) extra spinach (gotta get that protein), no cheese, add avocado (and cilantro if they have it), dijon mustard and vinegar.  Live large and get the's only veggies!  

This is the Veggie Bowl.  Here's how to order it:  Brown rice, black beans (don't combo the beans with pinto beans as they have bacon in them), all of the vegetables and salsas, guacamole and lettuce, no cheese or sour cream.  Went there twice this weekend it's so good.  Add some Chipotle flavored tobasco sauce and you're good to go.

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